LUPTS history: references 



LUPTS Journals: various

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University of Liverpool Guild of Undergraduates, Students’ Handbook (various issues)




Guild Gazette: 14 November 1958

Modern Railways: May 1978

Modern Tramway: February 1960

MTPS Newsletters: various

Liverpool Daily Post: 27 January 1960

Liverpool Echo: 10 and 11 October 1966

Railway Magazine: February 1967, February 1976, October 1987

Railway World: July 1971




Online Video (1990), Liverpool trams: Green Goddesses remembered

Online Video (1990), The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Online Video (1994), Glasgow trams part two

Online Video (1997), No trams to Pier Head

Online Video (1997), Steam on the Wirral

Online Video (1998), Steam around Liverpool - due for release August


A proportion of the profits from Online Video’s Merseyside related releases goes to the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society




Calvert N G (1991), Steam engine principles: their application on a small scale, Calvert Technical Press - author was first LUPTS HVP

Cossons N (1975), BP book of industrial archaeology, David and Charles - author was LUPTS founder member

Martin T J (1980), Liverpool Corporation Tramways 1937-1957 part two, Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society - contains tribute by Martin Jenkins to the late Jerome McWatt, founder LUPTS member

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Ryan J M and Jeuda B (1987), Railway postcard scenes of Cheshire, Cheshire Libraries - co-author was first LUPTS Secretary

Shill R M (1992), Industrial locomotives of the West Midlands, Industrial Railway Society - author was LUPTS member in the early 1970s




A3: Public Transport Society

A161/141: Public Transport Society (Guild of Undergraduates’ file)


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