LUPTS history: introduction 

Each October, the LUPTS Treasurer had to grovel before the Finance Committee of Liverpool University’s Guild of Undergraduates in order to justify the provision of a grant.   In 1988, the Chairman, having been upwardly delegated by an absentee Treasurer, reported back that he had been asked the question “What do you do - apart from the obvious?”.

The answer must have been a reasonable one because Guild awarded a grant of £197.91 for the year’s activities.   He could have pointed out, however, that the Society provided an active forum for people interested in transport for a period of over thirty years, was responsible for the initial preservation of an ex Liverpool tramcar as well as a number of other historic vehicles, organised extremely popular rail and bus tours, not to mention holding nearly 700 meetings during its existence.

This booklet has been put together as a formal record of the activities of the Liverpool University Public Transport Society from its formation in 1958 through to its eventual demise in 1991.   It is a companion volume to The LUPTS Record, published 1997, copies of which are available from the address on the title page.

The information has come from a number of sources.   Amongst these are the meeting minutes books.   Minutes were kept of all Ordinary General Meetings, although only the whereabouts of those relating to meetings held since November 1973 are known.   Courtesy of the University of Liverpool’s Archivist, Margaret Proctor, certain other papers relating to the Society have been made available for inclusion.  

However, the principal source of information has been from former members of the Society, some of which has previously been published elsewhere but much not.   Gentle persuasion has filled a lot of gaps in the records and enabled the history to give a flavour of the society rather than be a purely factual one.   Specific thanks in this respect go to Martin Jenkins, John Ryan, Alan Murray-Rust, Alan Atkinson, Jonathan Cadwallader and Mark Telfer whose combined recollections span the whole life of the Society.   An article by Ian Young on the history of the Society, which originally appeared in the 1969 LUPTS Journal and which was reproduced in the Silver Jubilee edition, has also provided useful information.   Thanks should also go to Andy Babbs for placing so much historic LUPTS material in the University Archives in the early 1980s.

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